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fDraw provides a quick respons to your enquiries. You are welcome to email or contact us if you have any queries. Our team is ready to help you.
We have listed the most frequently asked questions for our fDraw, you can look through to find the answers to your questions.


How do you license your products?
Our Developer License allows 1 developer to work with the design-time product. The Developer License are perpetual and have no deployment limitations, they allow the use of our controls for an unlimited number of applications.
Do i have to pay for shipping
No. As all our products are supplied electronically, there are no shipping or distribution costs.
Will i receive a boxed package or CD?
No. We distribute all our software electronically so that we are able to keep costs down for our customers.
When will I receive the product if I pay via a credit card
As soon as your order is processed, no matter which method of payment you choose, you will receive an email that will contain invoice information (if you pay by credit card, this will show as paid) and will contain the the information for requesting activation key, the activation request will be proceed within 2 working days.


Please refer to the online Help topic.