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  • Fast rendering engine.
  • Easy to use.
  • Import/export to standard CAD formats
  • Royalty Free
  • Ablity to view perpective or Orthographic
  • Navigation - Zoom All, Pan and more....
  • Support 2D/3D
  • Solid Modeling (Boolean Operation)
  • Try it for free

What is SeeDraw?

SeeDraw is a cad component (2D/3D graphic engine) that allow user to easily visualize their applications. The whole component is fully written in manage C#.Net and provide integration with Visual Studio .NET IDE. It provide a very usefull navigation method such as Zoom/Pan/Rotate and it also allow user to easily edit the objects by the operation of move, rotate, flip and scaling. SeeDraw can be used in CAD, CIM, and Civil Engineering.

What are the unique features of SeeDraw?

    Solid Modeling

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    Primitive Drawing Entities

- Arc, Attributes, Circle, Construction Lines, Dimension (Angular Dim, Aligned Dim, Rotated Dim), Elipse, Insert, Block, Image, LwPolyLine, Point, PolyFace, PolyHatch (Hatching), PolyLineDiment, Ray, Text, MText

    Shading Modes

- WireFrame, Shaded, Gouround


- Zoom/Pan/3D Orbit, Zoom All, Zoom Window, 3D Views : Bottom, Front, Right, Rear, Left, Top, Isometric, True perpective panning and zooming.


- Ablity to view perpective or Orthographic.

What is the price for SeeDraw Component?

SeeDraw Professional offers which developer with subcription license or volume license in yearly subcriptions, for detail pricing and volume licensing discount, You can refer to pricing table scheme.

For each Developer license will be priced at Euro €725 and if you are getting for 4 Developer License where the costs is €2175 while for 8 Developer license, you can get it at €2900, To Buy the software, click here

News and Highlight
  • SeeDraw Build 3.0.2 now available for download, Walk through feature available!

Under Development
  • 1. DWG format import and export.
  • 2. HeightMap.
  • 3. Unit Conversion.